Midi sur l'Asie

The Quest


My name is Juliette. I’m here to tell you about a travel story, a quest story. I am about to depart for a 3 months trip to South Asia. I have been dreaming about this for about 6 months now and it’s actually becoming a reality. Well, I say a reality… I haven’t actually booked my tickets yet but I’m flying on the 12th of February direction Bali and I’ll meet my friend Laure down there…

I’m an account manager, working in London. I arrived here from France, almost 3 years ago. I came only for one year only originally! But London is one of these towns that captivates and bewitches you and keeps you in its web. There is a kind of love/hate relationship about London. It starts with the parties, the career, the friends and a lovely boyfriend and there you are, executive women in London, addicted to a life at 100miles an hour and burning the candle at both ends.

And when you stop, and think about it, that’s scary. Where are the simple things, the ones that matter, the ones that fill your life with naive simplicity? When do we take the time to listen to the others and to ourselves and partake in a real exchange? When do we take the time…?

Stop, look and listen.

This is what I’d like to do. This is what I’m gonna do. And sometimes, I’ll try to tell you about it as well and hopefully sharing some of the the tips, experiences and images that I’ll get on the way and share the love. So please, do share the love back and feel free to answer, share your opinions, your travel tips or even contradict me sometimes or just pass by and say hello…


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Donc Juliette, juste un petit mot pour te souhaiter bon courage dans la préparation de ce voyage, en espérant que tu y trouves ce que tu cherches, que tu y rencontres les gens qui te rendront plus riche. Je pense à toi. Julie from Montpellier, maintenant toulousaine de coeur.

Commentaire par Julie

Merci Julie 🙂 xx

Commentaire par Juliette

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