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Sawadika Thailand!
avril 11, 2009, 1:49
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Alalala, the more I spend time here, the more time flows in between two posts. I would be a poor influencer really, me who usually recommend bloggers to write two to three posts a day! I am on an Internet detoxification. Only one hour every now and again, just the time to reassure my mum, friends and family about what is going on and update my Facebook status. But I have to say I feel a little guilty so here are the news of the last… errr… month.

We arrived in Krabi a few weeks ago and spent a few days there. Whouah… what an entry to Thailand! Emerald waters, rocks popping out of the sea and islands all over the place. Sublime. We did some canoe Kayak in the mangrove, visited a few paradisaical islands, had a nice party at a local coffee shop with some rasta men, chilled on beautiful beaches and visited a temple higher than the Machu Pitchu apparently, the Tiger temple under a  boiling sun (1237 very steep steps by 40 degrees ouais!)

We then made a move towards the east coast of Thailand to Ko Pha Ngan, where we were meant to meet some friends from Gili islands but didn’t because we got confused with the names of the guest house. We found a very nice place though on the north of the island, Coconut bungalows, I warmly recommend it, we had the beach for the two of us and what beach! White thin sand, coconut trees to put your hammock and the best snorkeling spot of the island. It is very different from Perhentians there. The corals looks like a field of tiny little multicolor flowers and I saw some funny, long, thin fishes with a big nose and the usual  clown fishes and parrot fishes and sea cucumbers. Basically we nearly didn’t move from the beach, except to go to the food market in Thong Sala. Thai food is soooo up to its reputation! We rented a motorbike and went across the island and discovered some amazing places such as the Amsterdam bar, recommended by a friend from the Cameron Highlands. It is at the top of the mountain and the view with the sunset on the sea from there is just… striking. We were too late or too early for the full moon party so we did the black moon party, also on the beach and smaller than the full moon but still it was good with nice decorations and crazy techno music.

I could have stayed there for ages but we wanted to see more and so we went to Ko Samui, the next island, bigger and ore commercial. I have experienced there for the first time what they call sex tourism as we had managed to avoid it so far. Well, not experienced really but that is quite a shock to discover the numerous old, ugly, wrinkly men accompanied by these lovely Thai young girls… But beside of that, we had a great time there, swimming in water falls, discovering derelict holidays resorts (there is no tourists at the moment and a massive competition so many places are closing) and going all  around the island with the bike.

But every good thing has to come to an end and islands are a bit boring after a while so off we went, direction Bangkok. What wasn’t our surprise to meet Emily (with whom I started this trip) and our friends Didier and Jeanne (the friends from Gili that we had missed at Ko Pa Ngan) while taking a breakfast in Ramboutri! The world is tiny! We went to Chinatown, to the relying Buddha temple, did loads of shopping and we also went to Ayutaya, one of the ancien capital of Thailand with some Thai friends. Laure went off to Sukotai while I came back to Bangkok to meet the awaited beautiful man. And here he came, beautiful and lovely as usual. We have left Laure with her brother, here for a month and headed off to Cambodia and the temples of Angkor. But that deserve a new post for itself….


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