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Singapore vs Malaysia, no comparison, I’m going to Malaysia!
mars 18, 2009, 3:00
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I’ve got to say I am a bit late on the news… The last post was written from Malacca, the first stop in Malaysia after Singapore. We have since been to Cameron Highlands and the Perhentian Islands, two oasis of wild beauty very different from each other… We are now in Kota Bharu, just at the Thai border where we are getting our two months visa done for Thailand. Tomorrow we will take a bus towards our next country: Thailand! Exact destination still to be confirmed but it will definitely be an Island and definitely be on the West coast.

Have you ever been to Singapore? If yes then you’ll know what I mean when I say that this town is just souless and asceptised. Firstly you can’t smoke anywhere, even outside. You have to go into some little yellow boxes painted on the floor where you feel very silly and bored (because all your friends are having fun at the table just 5m away but you can’t stay there). You can’t eat in the tube, you can’t eat chewing gums, you can’t drink outside… in a word you can’t do much appart from being nice and pretty and well behaved and healthy… Just not me! The streets are very wide and surrounded by big funny (I said funny, not pretty, note the difference!) buildings and there are about a commercial center every 10m and the people are… well… like city people: in a rush to get somewhere, they don’t smile naturally and if you do smile at them they look at you as if you had a problem or they check their shirt in case they have a weird stain or something… Needless to say that it makes a hudge difference with Indonesia! But there are some things that I did like though: The toilettes are clean and there is paper in them, they have loads of funny computers with touch screems and funny workout machine where you ride a horse and they have lovely sunsets on the port and the skyscrapers and, best of all, you can find real, massive sirloin steaks 🙂

In 2 days we spent the budget of 2 weeks in Indonesia so we didn’t stay long and we made our way to the third country: Malaysia.

First glimpse of Malaysia: Malacca. Hum… the first impression was a bit disapointing. Everything seems recent and there are only a few vestiges left from their original culture. Indeed, Malacca has been successively invaded by  Deutch, English, Chinese and Japanese people who just destroyed what the others had left. But having said that Chinatown is very pretty and has a few nice buildings and temples, including the oldest boudhist temple in the whole of Asia. The best in Malacca was our guest house, Kancil guest house, ‘a home away from home’ where Daoud received us as if we were part of the family (that’s him who let us upload our pictures the whole night!).  We liked it so much in fact that we spent a day… at home!

After that we were planning on going to Kuala Lumpur but who needs a town when you leave in a town. So change of plans (there was many changes in Malaysia!) We decided to head straight for the cameron Highlands, a breath of fresh air in the mountains where they grow tea and strawberries. Ahhhh the Cameron Highlands… I loved it. We went for a trek, let me tell you, my bum still remebers! We went to visit the Boh plantations, check this out:

bow-plantations-2Ohhh man it was so worthy!

So proud of our muscle soreness, we left the father’s guest house as soon as the sun left us (and without saying goodbye to anyone as we changed our plans at the last minute – again), we left for the perhentians Island. A lovely little beach paradise on the west coast of Malaysia where we did our Open Water diploma. That’s the picture BEFORE the sunburn I got on the boat…

open-water-the-winnersSpice divers, they star! that’s Sarah, our Instructor on the left and the two German cool chicks we met, Kat and Bianca with whom we partied yesterday to celebrate our new diploma and then you have Greg, their instructor, very cool guy too and us, cool chicks too… In a word everybody was cool 🙂

And that’s closing time now… but at least i’m p to date 🙂


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hey! oooh i can see you are making your way north it’s amazing how many different things you can do in a week, when a londoner’s one is spent at a desk in front of a computer, *perusing* stuff with clients.. and then drinking beer 🙂 having said that, it is spring here at last, it’s been quite sunny recently! i started the little garden, and tiny tomato plants are growing! i will have bigger ones ready for you when you come back, to adopt! miss you a lot – and keep posting. Oh, and congratulations on the diving diploma! Cool! I have one too you know, I even did night diving on a wreck with the lobsters once. Awesome 🙂 Lotta love. A.

Commentaire par alina

nice place to vacation

Commentaire par Gerai Midi

do visit malaysia again in future 😀

Commentaire par arik

hello, i just want to say here, thanks to visited to malaysia.. but , are u didn’t go to kuala lumpur? it’s the best city… n i’m realised, that means, u don’t like go to singapore isnt it right? yes… many peoples as well as my family said, the s’pore citizen a several of them, no friendly with the tourist… or just easily said, they was arrogant n cocky.. although i am a s’porean.. i know their bad typical… actually, the peoples in another country also like that seyh… mayb m’sia, indonesia, thailand n others too.. couldn’t deny anything.. ok bye2 i hope u understand my singlish … i doesn’t used the standart english..

Commentaire par haziq mokhtar

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