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Lombok is amazing, wicked, beautiful, madly wild and authentic!
février 20, 2009, 3:53
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Today we have rented bikes and went to the market. It is a local market so we were the attraction! People were laughing at us and smiling and letting us take pictures of the fishes and fruits…. I think after having seen the meat rotting in the warmth I will become a vegetarian! 😉


We then went for a ride in the mountains and ended up on the seaside in the north of Senggigi. We stopped for a sun cream stop on the road side and there were a few houses… Suddenly 25 kids arrived from all sides and surrounded us. There were also old women and young mums, all curious to see the white girls. They were so funny! I felt really emotional because so far we were tourists in a foreign country looking at THEM but for once the balanced changed and we were the ones being looked at. They wanted us to take pictures of them so we did and we offered them some biscuits and cigarettes which helped starting the conversations… Well… The conversations! They didn’t really speak English and we didn’t really speak Indonesian but we sat down with them and talked a little bit…


Lombok is like Bali but more preserved as the island is Muslim is less welcoming but it is far more authentic and there are some splendid beaches and amazing landscapes! I warmely recommend it to anyone who is seeking a real experience with amazing white sandy beaches.


And hey… the sun is out! Yeah! I heard it is in London as well and I almost got jealous 😉

Oh by the way, I posted some pictures on Flickr, 5!!! But I think they are the ones from the airport in Hong Kong and the taxi at the arrival! … sorry… I’ll try again soon. Oh and I managed to post the pictures from some of the kids on my Facebook profile as well.


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