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Bali, week 1 – essay 3!
février 18, 2009, 3:58
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Ok, new test, the computer seem to work a little better. I’ve got to say, I’m that far away from regretting not taking a laptop. I can’t upload my pictures because they are too big and I would have liked to prepare this post before… Anyway!

We are now in Padang Bai and about to take the boat tomorrow to Lombok, an island further south of Bali. The first week in Bali has been amazing. Really good ambiance with Laure, Emily and Pauline, my travel mates. The weather is not great as it is the rainy season here but we still managed to take some colours and the lanscapes are so beautiful that it is ok.

Ubud was the highlight off Bali with all the lovely rice fields and the art and temples and the culture. It is more touristic but so nice it was really worthy.

We since moved to a lost village, Amed, in the north of Bali where we visited a nice water palace. I had a swim in the royal pool where locals go to wash themselves and wash their clothes (! But hey we had to swim in the royal pool didn’t we?) Amed is a black volcanic sand beach and apart from diving, there’s not much to do to be honest. We took a nice bungalow there which was good because it was raining sooooo hard that we haven’t been able to do anything but playing cards inside! (Hey hey… I’m sure you are laughing inside!)


We then moved where we are now, Padang Bai, on the seaside. Ououo! the weather is better now and we are able to go to the beach! And which beach!! Turquoise water, multicolour fishes, black and white sand… Nice. We are sleeping in a traditional bungalow made of straw (not too sure about that word but work it out! ;p) I would love to show it to you! The town is a little more animated here and we had drinks yesterday for Pauline last day as she was flying back to Paris.They have little bars and play Bob, it feels almost like home!


So tomorrow we are going to Lombok, the second Indonesian Island, Bigger than Bali but it is less touristic as Musulman and less friendly I think. We don’t reaslly know the best plans there so if anyone has tips (Molly? Sam? Any tips from our STA travellers?) and then the Gili Island, where we will do some snorkeling and maybe even diving. Apparetly there are paradisiac beaches and beautiful fishes 🙂


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