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Bali Day 2 and 3 – Ubud
février 14, 2009, 3:43
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I’ve got to tell you about the situation here: writting this on a tiny screen on a computer that doesn’t even have a usb port and where the letters on thtrhingy have dissapeared. The man is closing and I feel a little pressurise but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful everything is here. Ubud is a little town in the centeThis is the cultural center of the island and the town of the painters and there’s also rice fields a around the town. We went for a 5 hours walk in the country side this afternoon and dicovered the most magnificent landscapes with rice  rice terrasses . Everyone here has their own little temple, even t t. People are lovely and they smiole so e, it’s amazing. There are so many things I’d like to tell you but the man is closing so I take notes and I will tell you everything as soon as I can. I will also upload the pics to show you… A Alina, ta creme tue tout 🙂

Arrrggg! Too short! Thank you for the comments! Ryanb, I haven’t been where you said yet but I f I do I will lket you know. Tak

Love from Ubud!


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errr sorry for the typos and stuff! You will have to guess what that mean! ;p

Commentaire par Juliette

Aw, sounds brilliant! Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday xx

Commentaire par Matt

or the day before, ha!

Commentaire par Matt

Pas grave poulette, on comprends tout! Amuse toi bien! xx

Commentaire par Lolly

I am so jealous………so at least we will be able to see some pictures, can’t wait 🙂 miss you here

Commentaire par Klara

[…] Bali Day 2 and 3 – Ubud Share and […]

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merci pour la dedicace ma belle! woot woot! je vais te googler sur google earth. envoie-nous du riz… comment est la food? magnifique?

gros bisous, tu me manques.

Commentaire par minimalina

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