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First step – Bali
février 12, 2009, 6:14
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Morning or afternoon, I can’t remember! We arrived yesterday in Bali and guess what? It’s raining!!! But properly raining! This is the last week or supposedly the last week of the rainy season so I hope it will be over soon! I met up with Pauline, Laure and Emily, my travel mates for this trip and the start sounds promising! We celebrated the holidays properly with some vodka and gin and tonic (for the moskitos obviously! ;p) and stayed up till 3:00am last night (30 hours without sleep, yes!)

Bali is mad so far, very tiny streets with millions of motorbikes going everywhere andf some little shops.  

Internet is slow and I haven’t got much time but promise, I’ll upload some pictures later.

Big kiss from Bali


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Petite veinarde! Moi je suis coincee au bureau! Enfin bon trop hate de lire tes aventures! Prend soin de toi et bois pas trop de vodka! C’est le Twestival ce soir – youpi!

Commentaire par Lolly

Hi Juliette,

I’m going to Bali in September, so let me know where is good and where isn’t. I’m hoping to stay on the Bukit peninsula, down south (near dream lands beach). If you go near there, PLEASE let me know what it’s like!

Ryan Visser

Commentaire par ryan

Great to see you posting!:) Keep up and enjoy the trip!:)

Commentaire par sylwiapresley

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