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Iceland Day 3
janvier 5, 2009, 1:15
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Iceland has 5 main glaciers, one of them being only 3 hours drive away from Reykjavik on the south coast. So here we are, on our way to see one with our own eyes before it completely melts (total carbon footprint for the week-end = 3,500,000; errr, did I say I was green?) But before that, we want to see two more waterfalls: Seljalandfoss and Skógafoss and the little village of Vik , Iceland ’s biggest town before Reykjavik developed (big = 320 habitants (!)). Beaches there are made of black volcanic sand. There are also volcanic columns but we didn’t go far enough to see them.

The pictures tell more than any other word really (or maybe I’m getting lazy but anyway).




One of the highlights of the day was driving at the top of a volcano to reach the glacier and admire the view.


Just a quick word about our hotel, yes it’s a big touristic complex but the Lofteidir hotel is the only one in Reykjavik with its own pool. And when you’re all stiff from spending 10 hours in a car, a swim and a steam bath are the best way to recover. Reykjavik has several public geothermal pools but I’ve got to say it’s nice having your own at hand.

We spent another day in Reykjavik and got a few Christmas presents and souvenirs before flying back to London .

So, my opinion about Iceland? This is the most amazing, breathtaking country I have visited so far. Amazing landascapes, amazing light, lovely people…  A destination to go back to for sure. Anyone interested?


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me me! Je viens avec toi… mais en ete 😉

Commentaire par Lolly

Iceland?? j’adoore !!! Sigur Ros best experimental rock band ever!!!

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