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This is where it starts
septembre 30, 2008, 11:18
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So, this is it then. This where it all starts. I have made an attempt to write a blog before but I’ve got to say I haven’t been very good at keeping it alive for very long!

Last week I went to ask my boss if I could take a 3 months sabbatical and come back afterwards. He said yes, but only if I created an awful lot of WOM. Hum hum… An awful lot of WOM… Awful, for sure, a lot, not so sure…

I’m working for a Social Media agency. We work with our clients to help them promoting their brand and products within the Social Media sphere. My daily duties consist in reading blogs and forum threads and encouraging people to write about one thing or the other and improve their online presence. I know the theory, but advisers run no risks, and I’m not escaping the old adage. I dread the white page and I never know where to start. When I was 14, I wanted to write a book about my life and someone asked me why did I think someone would be interested, why would people read about my ventures and find them interesting? Well I don’t know, you tell me! Why do people read blogs every day? I could tell you all about the theory here but at the end of the day, that’s the story itself that keeps people returning to your blog. And I think I have the basics for a good story here so I’ll give it a try and if no-one but my family and colleagues read it well, fuck it! Excuse my French but, hey, it had to be said.

So yes, that’s where it all starts. Wish me luck and please, please come, comment, shout, share your ideas, your tips and opinions, this blog has been created for this very purpose.


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Good luck! I love the intro and the design!:) Waiting to see more:)

Commentaire par GabK

Hey Juliette!

This looks like a great way to escape to a different place through blogging. All the best with it!

Commentaire par Andy

Can’t wait to see all the photos of you having fun in the sun… you deserve it! And by the time you come back my French will be completely fluent…;)
M x

Commentaire par thehitchcockblonde

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